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Black Apollo Press celebrates 15 years of cutting edge publishing.  We interview Bob Biderman, one of the original founders.
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The responsibility of the writer has always been to question both society and self. But in times of crisis the writer needs to go one step further and to actively oppose the status quo because it’s the status quo that got us into this mess. Read the full interview with Bob Biderman here >>>

by R. J. Raskin

261pgs, Black Apollo Press

This is an exceptional book - one of those wonderful ventures that somehow contrives to blend history, politics, biography, art and humour into a thumping good mystery... more>>>

The Mystery Novel as Alternative Social History

The Joseph Radkin Investigation Series is finally reprinted



Authors join forces to defend public lending right
Authors including AS Byatt, David Almond and Ali Smith have signed a petition calling on the government not to cut PLR, which gives authors 6p each time one of their books is borrowed from a public library. more>>>

Günter Grass writes final autobiography
German Nobel laureate says new book, a paean to the Brothers Grimm, will mark the end of his autobiographical writings. more>>>

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness published as a graphic novel
Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad , Illustrated by Catherine Anyango
128 pages; SelfMadeHero
ISBN: 9781906838096


A People's History of Coffee and Cafes
by Bob Biderman
256 pages, Black Apollo Press
ISBN: 9781900355780A People's History of Coffee and Cafes by Bob Biderman
An indulgence of mine because it is such a charming book. I'm an addict and I think this would make a great Christmas gift. It's social history, trivia, fun and extraordinarily infectious, the sort of book that if dipped into you can't break away from.
Sarah Broadhurst, Paperback Previews, Bookseller Magazine


by Milan Kundera

Translated by Linda Asher
192 pp. Harper
ISBN: 9780061894411

The Czech novelist Milan Kundera’s new essayistic book, “Encounter,” his fourth, is alternatingly elegiac and celebratory

IN ISHMAEL'S HOUSE: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands
by Martin Gilbert
448 pages  Yale
ISBN 9780300167153

David J Goldberg finds that a study of Jews under Muslim rule suffers from its broad-brush approach  more>>>

The Elephant's Journey
by Jose Saramago
trans. Margaret Jull Costa
208 pages, Harvill Secker
ISBN 9781846553608

Saramago may damn history as "one long succession of missed opportunities" but here he has seized every possible opening to turn an unlikely tale of a transalpine hike into something far larger even than its elephantine subject. more>>>


The Life and Times of America’s Greatest Bridge

by Kevin Starr

Illustrated. 215 pages. Bloomsbury Press
ISBN 9781596915343

It’s the western bookend to the Brooklyn Bridge — as iconic an American edifice as the Statue of Liberty, and a favorite spot for lovers, photographers and suicides. more>>>

by Pavlos Matesis, trans. Fred A Reed
200 pages  Arcadia
ISBN 9781906413583

Pavlos Matesis's absorbing novel takes in the events of Greece's wartime occupation from the perspective of a young girl. Matesis is one of Greece's most prominent writers. Thanks to Arcadia's reissue of Fred A Reed's translation, Matesis should gain the English-language readership he deserves. more>>>

by Alex Heard
416 pages  Harper
ISBN: 9780061284151

The story of a 1945 Mississippi case of a black man accused of raping a white woman that exposed the seething tensions of the early civil rights era. more>>>